a fucking gambler

"I dug in the quiet earth and wrought the tomb and made these lines to memorize their doom:— EPITAPH; Equilibrists lie here; stranger, tread light; close, but untouching in each other's sight; mouldered the lips arid ashy the tall skull. Let them lie perilous and beautiful."- i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii.

Abby: He’s cute. Did you guys ever get together?
Elizabeth: Who?
Abby: Dorset. Didn’t he ask you out or something?
Elizabeth: Uhm…I suppose you could say we’re…dating.
Abby: Really?
Elizabeth: What?
Abby: What?
Elizabeth: What? You think it’s too soon?
Abby: I didn’t say that!
Elizabeth: I think it’s too soon.
Abby: I just said he was cute!
Elizabeth: Yeah. Too soon.

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